Ellison's Approach

(Ellison is not taking clients at this time)

Ellison (she/her) knows we all feel stuck sometimes! We find ourselves in uncomfortable and dissatisfying cycles while feeling unsure on what to do next.  Ellison believes that you often already have what you need for change. She hopes to spend time with you exploring your emotional experiences and healing from past pain to identify these skills within. Working collaboratively, she wants to help you (and your partner/s) identify patterns that are no longer serving you and create new ones that are fulfilling and sustainable.


Ellison Luthy, BA, MFT-T



Ellison mainly relies on Emotion Focused (EFT) and Experiential Therapy approaches. While integrating tools and philosophies from multiple therapeutic perspectives, her primary goal as a therapist is to create an affirmative and inclusive environment for all clients. She believes that feeling safe is key—whether it is with your partner/s or in therapy. At the intersections of safety, connection, and trust is where we can find the freedom and strength needed for healing, learning, and growth.  As a team, Ellison strives to find balance in giving space for clients to take the lead in therapy while also being a directive and active participant.

As a queer person of color, Ellison prioritizes awareness and acknowledgment of power and privilege indifferences throughout her work. She welcomes and values questions, concerns, and/or feedback from all clients for continued accountability both professionally and personally.


Ellison was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. After moving to southern Ohio to complete her undergraduate degree, she returned home in 2018 for grad school. While always thinking she would be a performer on the big stage, Ellison has found new passion in being a therapist. With performance, art, and movement still being part of her life, she encourages clients to explore creativity and expansive expression in their therapeutic work.

Training & Experience

Ellison is a Marriage and Family Therapist-Trainee. She is currently working towards full licensure and obtaining her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Additionally, she is enrolled as a Ph.D. student in the Human Development and Family Science program with a focus on Marriage and Family Therapy. Much of her academic work is centered on identifying and providing integrative care for those holding marginalized identities. Predominately focusing on family formation behaviors and assisted reproduction among LGBTQ+ folks.  

Clinically, Ellison has been a student therapist at The Ohio State University Couple and Family Therapy clinic for over 2 years. Here, she has provided care for a range of clients. She is especially passionate about helping couples and individuals address concerns related to sexuality, intimacy, relationship structure, and family. 

Range of Clinical Focus

  • Relational issues (conflict, communication, trust, etc.) 

  • Relational infidelity 

  • Sexual pleasure and intimacy concerns 

  • Range of relationship structures (monogamy, open, polyamory, etc.) 

  • Family planning and (in)fertility

  • Sexual and/or gender identities 



Marriage and Family Therapist-Trainee (M.1900177-TRNE): Counselor, Social Work, and marriage and Family Therapy Board, 2020



Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Miami University, 2018


Other Education & Certification

Motivational Interviewing Training, 2019

Cognitive Therapy for Suicidal Patients (CTSP) Training, 2020

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