Interested in becoming a member of our community?

1. Complete the Experience Questionnaire

Tandem Columbus is looking for licensed clinicians across disciplines in the mental health and medical fields for traditional employee and independent contractor positions. We are especially seeking clinicians whose expertise or clinical interests already include sexual health and trauma work, though we encourage everyone to apply.  We are additionally seeking clinicians who can demonstrate a personal and professional investment in anti-racism.  Life experience will be valued more highly than letters and academic achievement. As an organization, we believe in the co-investment between individual staff and the community as a whole, and are continually evaluating our policies and benefit structure to uphold the following community agreements:


Tandem Columbus Community Agreements Among Staff:

  1. Anti-oppression and anti-racism lenses will be centered in all contexts;

  2. We will acknowledge and be accountable to multiple truths, strategies, and goals;

  3. Organizational progress and success will be assessed by quality rather than quantity;

  4. We endeavor to normalize and ease the process of turn-over and resignation;

  5. Democratic decision-making will be prioritized;

  6. We endeavor to create a context that evokes and supports conflict, rather than promotes fear and avoidance;

  7. We endeavor to demonstrate a process of intentional accountability for impact, and acknowledge intent;

  8. We endeavor to apply a strengths-based perspective in all contexts;

  9. Community members will be accountable to clients, each other, and the collective community;

  10. Supervision and consultation will be highly encouraged, regardless of “experience”;

  11. We believe relationships and individual growth will sometimes necessitate conflict and discomfort;

  12. Community engagement, power sharing, and delegation will be valued more than individualism and achievement;

  13. We endeavor to view mistakes as opportunities;

  14. We endeavor to practice empathy, rather than promote assumed objectivity;

  15. Diagnosis will be co-considered with clients to increase access and resources, rather than to identify or organize;

  16. Codes of Ethics will be used to expand, rather than limit, our work as mental health clinicians;

  17. “Seventh Generation Thinking” will be used to slow the sense of urgency, and the desire to “fix” or “solve”;

  18. We will listen to learn and understand, especially if we disagree;

  19. We will make-meaning from an abundance perspective, rather than a scarcity mindset (replace “either/or”);

  20. “Move up, move up”: we will challenge ourselves to engage in a way that does not come automatically;

  21. We expect community members to be engaged in an active transformational process of growth and learning;

  22. We will remember that each of us brings lived experience as the perpetrator and the victim;

  23. We will notice and respond to intra/interpersonal blame, shame, or attack within the community;

  24. Confidentiality will be respected and maintained within the community;

  25. Rest is valid: take care of yourself!

Benefits of Full-time Employment:

  • Up to 70% compensation & semi-annual bonuses

  • Clinical Supervision (or subsidized supervision costs for POC clinicians who may desire or require supervision outside the organization with a supervisor of choice)

  • 10 days of PTO

  • CEU/Training opportunities using an anti-oppression lens

  • 401k Retirement Matching

  • Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Account (insurance premium reimbursement)

  • Reimbursement available for gender affirming care, fertility enhancement, and adoption

  • Paid Civic Engagement

You can reach out to Adam Clevenger (he,they) at with more information.  If you are ready to apply, you can first submit the Employment Interest Questionnaire.