Tandem Columbus' Statement on Reproductive Justice

Authored by Abigial Hust


At Tandem Columbus, we support and embrace Reproductive Justice for all people, no matter a person’s race or gender. It is our goal to create a safe and liberation focused space for all clients. Bodily autonomy is at the center of liberation and at the center of our work as therapists, counselors, sex therapists and social workers. 


Tandem acknowledges the longstanding systemic practices that disproportionately limits medical care and attention for Black, brown, and Indigenous communities, as well as queer, trans and gender expansive folks, including access to comprehensive reproductive care and abortion.  The Reproductive Justice movement acknowledges that all oppression is connected, and that each individual has full control over their body and the medical decisions made about their body.


Tandem Columbus believes in agency over one's decision to become pregnant if, when and how one wishes. Tandem actively rejects any legislation or executive actions that would limit easy access to abortion, birth control or other essential healthcare. We are committed to helping clients and community members obtain abortion care. This includes financial contribution to organizations with a similar mission, financial contribution to organizations specifically funding abortion care, and by encouraging and financially supporting activism in the community by staff members who work at Tandem Columbus.


Helpful Links and Resources 


URGE - Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity


Center for Reproductive Rights


Abortion Fund of Ohio