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Mental Health Counseling & Sex Therapy

Tandem Columbus is an expanding mental health practice that provides individual, relationship, and group counseling services to treat mood and anxiety concerns, as well as relationship, identity, and career issues.  Our training supports a sex-positive and trauma-informed approach to therapy.  We are kink and poly affirming, and bring more than 10+ years of clinical experience and expertise working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Gender Non-conforming, Intersex, and Queer folks.  Tandem Columbus offers training for community partners, as well as clinical consultation and supervision for other mental health providers upon request.  We are committed to serving folks with marginalized identities and experiences, and are allied in the critical development of anti-racist values and identities.


Services additionally include HRT and gender affirmation surgery letters.

Virtual appointments are available in Ohio and Illinois.


[ tan-duhm ]

Late 18th century: humorously from Latin, literally ‘at length’.

'in tandem' means "together, alongside each other"


one following or behind the other


having people, seats, parts, etc., arranged tandem or one behind another.

Counseling Philosophy
We believe counseling is an inherently relational experience, involving a process of creation, development, and transformation that helps to support individual growth and life fulfillment.  Our self-concept and view of reality are influenced by things like language, values, social interaction, and personal experience that can be reconstructed or reframed to help us to successfully meet our needs.  The process of counseling is ultimately meant to help improve our ability to rise and successfully meet life’s challenges so that we may experience all of life’s opportunities.  We can do this by harnessing our inner strengths; increasing our openness to new perspectives; and cultivating a willingness to experience and manage emotional discomfort.

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy is a therapeutic approach that focuses on treating clinical issues pertaining to sexual health, functioning, and desire. Sex therapists view sexuality as a core component of the human experience, and believe sex is an important aspect of individual health.  Sex therapists may treat premature ejaculation, or delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual interest or arousal, and painful sex (vaginismus and dyspareunia).  Sex therapists can help address problems imposed by atypical sexual interests, hypersexuality, out-of-control sexual behaviors, pornography use, a lack of sexual confidence, recovery from sexual abuse and assault, as well as sexual issues related to aging, illness, or disability.
Sex therapists are certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.  Sex therapists offer extensive training and expertise in the area of human sexuality and relationships.
Link: About the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists
Link: AASECT Vision for Sexual Health Values Statement
What is relationship therapy?
Relationship therapy focuses on strengthening and supporting the long-term health of adult relationships.  This may include recovery from affairs or broken relationship agreements; pre-marital counseling; or support navigating distance, grief, job loss, parenthood, and financial decision-making.  Though many people seek out relationship therapy during times of disagreement or distress, we believe relationship therapy can equally benefit those who are seeking a 'tune-up' to strengthen relationship satisfaction and the intimate team.  We believe that relationship therapy can benefit folks in traditional relationships or marriages, as well as folks exploring (or maintaining) open, non-monogamous, or poly-relationship agreements.



1115 Bethel Road

Columbus, Ohio 43220

Phone: 773-492-6943

Fax: 614-670-5095



All appointments are now virtual.

Billing & Insurance

The charge for a 50 minute session is $150.  If you have out-of-network benefits, I will provide you with a monthly statement that you can use to help offset the charge for these sessions.

Cash, Credit, and HSA/FSA accepted.

If you are without insurance, or if you have Medicaid, you can join the Open Path Collective for reduced fee counseling: Adam Clevenger: Licensed Mental Health Counselor - Columbus, OH (openpathcollective.org). There is currently a waitlist for reduced fee services for those without insurance.

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