Abigail's Approach

Abigail’s (she/her) background in Social Work grounds her in her belief that clients are experts in their own lives and are a part of co-creating the therapeutic space. Abigail works with clients to establish a safe place for exploration and growth. She has extensive training in holistic Sex Therapy and practices from a Sex Positive lens. Abigail’s work is pleasure and embodiment centered with the belief that tuning into the body's inherent wisdom is an important part of healing. There are an infinite number of ways to be a sexual being and there is no right or wrong, good or bad, it is simply about discovering what works best for you.


Abigail Hust, MSW, LISW-S

Clinical Social Worker & Supervisor

614-957-0164 ext 102


Abigail also practices from a trauma informed lens, acknowledging the significant impact trauma can have on sexuality. She has training in EMDR that provides an additional tool for trauma reprocessing, when appropriate. Abigail acknowledges that the multiple systems of oppression in our society are directly connected to sexual oppression. Through sexual liberation and body liberation we can begin dismantling these systems and work toward living pleasure centered lives. Abigail has a strong commitment to creating a culture free of sexual shame, which involves anti-oppression work. The root of her work is giving permission to access the authentic self, connecting to the wisdom of your body and growing in compassion for self, others and community.

Abigail was born and raised in and around Columbus, OH and has enjoyed being a part of this community. Working with sexual health has always been an interest of Abigail’s, but she did not stumble across the field of Sex Therapy until 2016. Prior to that Abigail worked with women, kids and families in a variety of roles. Witnessing folx connect to their bodies, release sexual shame and tap into their authentic selves is one of Abigail’s greatest joys. Outside of work, Abigail is the parent to two humans and two doggos who all enjoy traveling, hiking and just being outside. Abigail also enjoys reading and trying hard to keep plants alive.
Training and Experience

Abigail completed her Bachelor of Science in Human Development in 2012 and her Masters of Social Work in 2014. In her early Social Work Career, Abigail worked in public policy related to pregnancy and infant mortality prior to beginning clinical work with kids and families. Abigail spent three years working in community mental health before transitioning into private practice to pursue Sex Therapy.


Abigail values ongoing training and education attended these recent trainings:

  • SLAM Conference: Sexuality Liberators and Movers

  • ISEE Holistic Sex Therapy Training -Maternal Mental Health Conference

  • Twerk: Decolonizing Sexuality & Pleasure in Black Bodies

  • Rebel Love & Sex Outside the Lines with Dr. Chris Donaghue

  • Internal Family Systems 3 Day Training

Range of Clinical Focus
  • Depression, Mood, Anxiety

  • Perinatal Concerns

  • Career & Life Transitions

  • Sexual Pleasure, Function, Desire or Pain

  • Erotic Lifestyle (Kink, Fetish, BDSM)

  • Open, Monogamous, Polyamorous, and Non-traditional Relationships


Licensed Independent Social Worker, Training Supervision Designation, I.1600628-SUPV Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage & Family Therapy Board of Ohio, 2020

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